Monday, September 17, 2012

Nakoula-Just Say You're Sorry

Filmmakers, artists, journalists and writers should be respectful of people's religious beliefs. Religious beliefs, prophets, saints, sacred texts, esteemed religious figures (and of course Jesus)  should be treated respectfully and never ridiculed or insulted for the sake of art or for any other reason. It's disgraceful that religious beliefs that are revered and held in high esteem for certain religions are treated disrespectfully. It's not right, it's not in good taste and it's dangerous, at times. It can incite violence and misunderstanding.
According to a Huffington Post online article, "The family of a filmmaker linked to an anti-Islamic movie has left their California home in the middle of the night.....Nakoula Basseley Nakoula's relatives left their Cerritos home about 3:45 AM Monday. Deputies gave them a ride and they were reunited with Nakoula, then take to an undisclosed location." For what? Because of Nakoula's lack of good sense, poor judgment, a lack of wisdom and disrespect towards a religion. It's absurb that he made this movie in the firstplace. He should have known better. He's put his entire family in danger, as well as himself.
 In my humble opinion, the filmmaker in question, should go on national television and apologize to Muslims for insulting their beliefs. I guess he'll have to wear a disguise and wear one for years to come, but he should simply say he's sorry. He made a mistake and he regrets it. Perhaps then everything will calm down.
In related news, Cardinal Timothy Dolan reacted to the September 11th death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and members of the embassy staff by saying, "We need to be respectful of other religious traditions at the same time that we unequivocally proclaim that violence in the name of religion is wrong."
Yes, respect of all religions, at all times, by all people.  That's the only way we'll ever have world peace, greater  tolerance, understanding and a better world for future generations.