Monday, November 8, 2010

Women Give More To Charity

According to an interesting study I recently read, it seems women are more generous than men. (I hope that finding doesn't upset anyone.) According to the article, titled, "Study: Women Give More To Charity Than Men," by Donna Gordon Blankinship, "Women across nearly every income level gave significantly more to charity than men, nearly twice as much in some cases, according to a study by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. Nonprofits have long suspected that women were the driving forces behind many of the gifts they receive, but they haven't had much proof. But the results of this study are so decisive and consistent, they can stop wondering, said Debra Mesch, Director of the University's Women's Philanthropy Institute."
Women gave more often than men, in larger amounts of money and to many different charities. As women earn more, they are giving more.
It's common knowledge that women have always been very generous to the Catholic Church and to Catholic causes. But that can be said of both genders.
Maybe after this study is publicized, men will want to "challenge" women and start giving more themselves. That would be a good "contest," to see who can give more to charities, men or women, in future studies on giving. That "contest" would help charities raise money, in these difficult times.
I recently gave a talk to non-Catholic Christians for the first time. As a Catholic, I was honored to be asked by a group of Methodist women to give a talk on prayer. We also prayed together, as I wouldn't think of giving a talk on prayer without modeling prayer. In any event, the evening went very well and the socializing after the talk was great. These women could bake! The homemade apple pies and lemon bars were delicious. So it was a wonderful evening for all of us. And by the way, instead of taking a stipend for the talk, I asked the leadership to send a donation in my name, to one of the charities I support. It all ties in.......