Saturday, May 14, 2016

Women Deacons Would Invigorate the Church!

 I have long thought that ordaining women as deacons would invigorate the Catholic Church, make women feel more appreciated and give them an opportunity to share their many gifts for the good of the Church and the faithful.
It's a no- brainer as far as I'm concerned. According to news reports, Pope Francis has agreed to set up a Vatican commission to study the possibility of ordaining women to the diaconate.
Some pessimists think that not much will come of the commission as there are bishops and cardinals opposed to the idea, but I think that would be a missed opportunity.
It's no secret that young people are straying away from the Church. This is one area that upsets them for sure. They don't like the fact that the Church is not more inclusive.
The diaconate would have to be seperated from the priesthood since it is tied to the diaconate but I'm sure that could be worked out. I know that because years ago I wrote to an archbishop asking why women couldn't be ordained deacons, as was the case in the early Church. He wrote back to me that because the diaconate is tied to priesthood that presented a problem but that he was in favor of women deacons (that was over 20 years ago).
The Church has to move forward in the modern world. This would be a good step in the right direction. Young adults need to take a second look at the Church and if the Church started ordaining women as deacons, I'm confident that many young people would see that as a positive development.
The Church should not debate this for 10 years....the new evangelization calls us to think outside the box, to preach the message of Christ to the modern world, which desperately needs to hear it.
I pray the movement of the Holy Spirit, causes this Vatican Commission to be open to God's will, to do what is necessary to open the doors to Christ and Christ's teaching, through utilizing the many gifts of talented and holy women.