Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another Year To Celebrate God's Love and Mercy-2015 Coming To A Close

Another year has gone was a good year. Many blessings came our way. I am forever grateful for my relationship with God, for knowing God's love for me. I'm also grateful for this Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis.  I am very blessed to be on a vibrant, excited parish committee to plan events, lectures and gatherings to unpack all that God's mercy means and could be for God's people. Let's pray that there is an openness to knowing more and experiencing the grace of God's mercy, which is endless and so mysterious. God is so good and we are all so much in need of mercy. But that's obvious.
So a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Blessed New Year!!

I was just reading a column in Brooklyn's Catholic newspaper, The Tablet, by Fr. Robert Lauder. I have been reading and enjoying Fr. Lauder's articles for many, many years. This is an interesting story about those articles, from which I've gleaned so much knowledge. Last winter I was in the  Airport Terminal waiting for a flight. My husband went to get coffee and I was sitting reading, while waiting......When I travel I bring with me reading material and some articles that I've cut out and brought along. I was reading an article by Fr. Lauder, while waiting for my husband to get back. When he returned, I put down the article and went to get myself tea.  It was early in the morning. As I walked to the food concession, I literally walked right by Fr. Lauder....So strange. I know Fr. Lauder from when I worked in Douglaston, so I stopped him and told him what had just happened. I said I just was reading your article and here you are!! He was impressed and said that he was going back to tell the other priests, who he was traveling with, that he just met one of his fans! Yes he did! One of God's coincidences.
So here is a quote from Fr. Lauder from his recent article, which I think is very good!

     "Another Christmas! How the years fly by! This special day in 2015 has taken on more of a global meaning for me because of Pope Francis' encyclical 'Laudato Si.' If I had to sum up the Holy Father's encyclical in one sentence, the sentence would be 'Everything is connected.' That statement is the prism through which I am contemplating and celebrating Christmas this year. The birth of Jesus changes everything. It both challenges us and comforts us. It makes all persons brothers and sisters, loved and redeemed by God." (Fr. Lauder-12/19/15-The Tablet)
Amen to all of that!
God's abundant Blessings,