Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Many Norwegians Giving Up Beleif in God for Belief in Ghosts-Such A Sad State and Outcome of Secularism

 It seems ghosts are everywhere in Norway and they can even move things around in offices, at least that's what some Norwegians believe.
I  recently read in the New York Times an interesting article titled, "For Many Norwegians, Ghosts Fill A Void," by Andew Higgins. In what I thought was a fascinating article, the writer explains how many Norwegians have given up belief in God and replaced it with a fascination with ghosts.
As stated in the article, "Ghosts, or at least belief in them, have been around for centuries but they have now found a particularly strong following in highly secular modern countries like Norway....While churches here may be largely empty and belief in God, according to opinion polls in steady decline, belief in, or at least fascination with ghosts and spirits is surging....."
A Methodist preacher and professor at the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo was quoted as saying, "God is out but spirits and ghosts are filling the vacuum" (Professor Fotland).

You can't make this stuff up! How sad for the people of Norway that so many have traded ghosts for belief in God. It's mind-boggling. How can this be? I can't fathom it. Could so many have been so poorly catechized that they could easily walk away from belief in God (and all the benefits that gives to human beings) and replace it with such superficiality? These people could not have had a relationship with the living God, with Jesus....impossible to just trade that for a belief in spirits. And what about all the repercussions of that, through future generations.
Religious rituals are good for human beings, they fill a void, they're sacred and beautiful and psychologists of all backgrounds can attest to the positive value they have for human beings, of all ages.  They offer comfort and security to the human soul and human consciousness.  Yet some people don't experience that or are not open to it. Or rebel against it.
 When you hear of such things in the modern world, you just know it's not a good development.