Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quadruple Rainbow on Long Island-A Sign of God's Presence

Yesterday morning after a night of storms, Amanda Curtis captured this rare photo of a Quadruple rainbow as she was waiting for the train in Glen Cove, Long Island. She said, "I didn't realize how rare it was, I just knew it was beautiful." Lucky for her, she didn't miss her train, as she took the photo quickly and then rushed to catch her train. The photo has gone viral and rightly so.......She paused and noticed the beauty of nature, of the natural world and with modern day technology was able to capture that in a blessed moment.
I've always believed that New York is a blessed much good here, so much positive energy, creativity, lots of religiosity and prayer comes out of New York...some might find that strange but I know it to be true. Yes, a quadruple rainbow in the early morning, of an ordinary day,  is a sign that God is here, with us, still providing awesome beauty, still in charge of the vast and amazing Universe, we call home.