Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lacking God-Stephen Hawking-"The Theory of Everything"

I recently went to see the movie, "The Theory of Everything," which has a remarkable cast, especially Eddie Redmayne (32) who plays Stephen Hawking in the movie. Eddie Redmayne should receive an Oscar for his performance, it's that good.
I enjoyed the movie. Redmayne manages to portray the brilliant physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, even though he has to "twist himself" by acting like the professor who suffers in real life from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
Stephen Hawking who was only given two years to live, when first diagnosed has managed to become a prolific author and speaker, (aided by technology) yet he doesn't believe in God. Sad for him, because I'm sure in his debilitated state it would give him comfort as belief in God does.
His first wife Jane, who is portrayed as a loving and dedicated wife and mother in the movie, is a believer (Christian) and it puts strain on their marriage because of his atheistic views, as well as his condition.
I saw a quote from her in an article in which she said, "I spent a lot of time in the marriage trying to convince Stephen that he wasn't God." That struck me. There is no question that Stephen Hawking is brilliant, but sadly he's close minded when it comes to belief in a Creator. How someone can study the Universe and cosmology and not realize there has to be a Creator who set it all in motion and keeps it in existence baffles me. There is so much order, diversity, and mathematical exactness in the Universe, can someone as brilliant as Stephen Hawking really believe it's all a coincidence, an accident.
Too much pride, seems to me that's the problem. Pride, one of the deadly sins, its effects can be seen everywhere.