Monday, December 29, 2014

God-Getting in Touch With the Greatest Mystery of All

I love Fr. Lauder's column's in The Tablet, the Diocese of Brooklyn's weekly newspaper. I've been reading his columns for years. I often save articles I like and so I recently came across an article I saved entitled, "In God's Hands: The Mystery of Divine Providence." This morning I started to reread it and it starts like this...."Catholicism is a religion of mysteries. I think immediately of mysteries such as the Blessed Trinity, the Incarnation, the Resurrection and the Eucharist. I believe that one of the great mysteries that the Catholic Church proclaims and celebrates is the mystery of Divine Providence."
I believe from studying the writings of mystical saints for most of my adult life, divine mysteries as the mystics tell us, can only be pierced through love and then only dimly. But through love as many of the mystical saints have written and spoken of, bits and pieces of the greatest mystery of all-the existence of God-can be known through love and revealed truth.
So for me the greatest mystery of all in life has been the knowledge that God exists, that God loves each one of us as if there is no other, and that we can be in relationship with God through love and prayer. As a baptized Catholic, and as someone who has studied the Catholic religion for my entire life (as a child through C.C.D. classes and later as an adult through my own persistence and propelled by my deep faith), I am very grateful that God exists, that God "calls me by name," and that I am in relationship with God and a child of the Most Holy One.  Anyone who denies that misses out on so much in life, in my opinion.
So for the New Year may you connect more with God, who is the greatest of all mysteries and may your prayer life bring you closer and closer to the good, merciful and generous God, who is always close to my heart and I hope to yours.
Happy New Year!