Sunday, August 31, 2014

Are Physicists Looking for God? (At Least Some of Them!)

Some physicists think the universe is actually a two dimensional hologram instead of three dimensions as we believe now.  They're  doing all kinds of academic and scientific experiments using a sensitive device called a holometer trying to decipher whether "space time is a quantum system just like matter is." I'm not comfortable writing about science since its not my area of expertise but I've thought for sometime now that physicists might one day be able to figure out the actual dimensions that exist in the universe and I don't think they are two but more than three. I believe that God exists in another dimension along with heaven. That's just my belief and it makes perfect sense to me. Anyhow,  it makes me nervous to think that someday physicists might stumble onto that (the God dimension) and then what?  God will have to figure that out or maybe God already has. Crazy that I should even think about such things.......
I found a very interesting quote from a Huffington Post article (which started me thinking about this again) titled, "Freaky Physics Experiment May Prove Our Universe is a Two-Dimensional Hologram." The article quotes  Dr. Aaron Chou,  who is the experiments lead scientist and project manager for the Holometer. This is the quote, "I have always believed that if indeed there is a creator, then the mechanism by which the world was created is not necessarily unknowable and if we delve deeply enough we might reach some very interesting and inescapable conclusions..........This topic brings up all sorts of interesting philosophical and theological questions......."
I'd say..... and I'd also say that it seems to me that Dr. Chou is looking for some theological answers with his Holometer.
Dr. Chou are you looking for God? Are you looking for the Creator? Because God does exist and God is very, very smart,  (obviously) so I don't think this dimensional thing can be figured out, even with a Holometer (whatever that is).  But who knows.... wouldn't it be amazing if its the physicists who someday state that it seems certain an intelligent Creator created the Universe because there is simply too much intelligent design, accuracy, diversity and exact mathematical calculations for it to be an accident.  I'd like to see that day.........