Sunday, July 27, 2014

The World Unraveling?-_The Sad Summer of 2014-

It's hard not to get discouraged......there is so much negative news. Perhaps some of the only news that's hopeful is the news coming out of the Vatican, where photographs of Pope Francis sitting in a cafeteria eating casually with Vatican workers is uplifting for Catholics everywhere.  Those photos show a Pope who is trying (successfully) to be down-to-earth, Christ-like in his love for ordinary people, and with the people in their everyday lives. It was so good to see the photo of him doing just that on front page of the New York Times. Thank God for Pope Francis!
The other news coming from the Holy Land, from Africa, from the Ukraine and other parts of the world is disturbing. Record droughts in parts of the southwestern United States and elsewhere in the world, rising global temperatures, Ebola outbreaks, plane crashes, wars, violence against women, violence against animals in the wild (out of greed and ignorance), persecution of Christians, ......Almost sounds like the beginning of the end times.
But, of course, no one knows the day or hour when Christ will return in glory but the world is not in a good place right now.
Pope Francis is begging for peace, for an end to destructive wars that destroy homes and maim children and adults. It's absurd that at this time in human history, peace is so elusive for humankind. How difficult is it to solve the problems that keep people hating each other? Where are the solutions? God must be crying.
Pope Francis is begging for peace, "I beg you with all my heart...everything is lost with war."
I know..... "Hope is not an option for a Christian, it is essential to our faith," but sometimes the current news is just so disturbing. But Pope Francis is a light for our times.

Scary News
Ebola kills senior Doctor in Liberia-So sad such a selfless human being.........