Saturday, March 1, 2014

Atheists Crossing the Line-Again

Radical atheists once again are crossing the line of decency by filing a lawsuit to have a World War I memorial, the Bladensburg Peace Memorial in Maryland taken down because it is a 40 foot cross.
The cross has historic significance as it honors 49 residents of Prince George's county who died serving their country in World War I.  It was dedicated in 1925.
Apparently one of the plantiffs in the lawsuit gets upset everytime he drives by the memorial because it's a Christian symbol on public property. Give me a break. Veterans are quite upset about the lack of decency and civility that atheists/humanists are showing on this matter. The plantiff should be upset that he is causing controversy and dishonoring the veterans who live in the county and showing disrespect to the fallen soliders and their families.
Town administrator, John Moss said that the Bladensburg Cross has historic and patriotic significance for the county. But apparently that doesn't satisfy radical humanists who just want their way, even if their way hurts and upsets veterans and others. The county should sell the property to private individuals or a veterans group, so that the plantiff in the lawsuit won't have to get upset, once a month when he travels past the memorial.
Such sad nonsense. The Founding Fathers of our country must be "turning over in their graves," or at least upset.