Friday, February 21, 2014

Wacky Weather, Global Warming and the Sin of Pride

There are many people who deny global warming, even in the face of mounting evidence and climate scientists who state emphatically that global warming is not only a reality but it's dangerous to ignore.
I have no doubt that global warming is taking place, even though I live in the Northeast where we have been going through a bitter cold and snowy winter. The jet stream which affects weather patterns over North America and Northern Europe is undergoing a dramatic shift, which may mean harsher winters. There is no proof that it is related to global warming but it could be, since weather patterns are changing. "Temperatures in the Arctic have been rising two to three times faster than the rest of the planet" according to weather expert James Overland (see Mail Online-"Is The Jet Stream Changing Direction?")
I read a while ago that one of the effects of global warming is that some areas of the world will receive little rain and experience severe droughts and other parts will receive excessive rainfall. From what I read, it will seem in certain parts of the world as if the "door" to the Arctic was opened, which is what it felt like in NY for many weeks before the recent warming trend began. It was bitter cold for weeks and it was the worst winter I can remember.
Parts of England are experiencing record rainfalls and flooding, the pictures are sad.
Parts of southern California are experiencing historic droughts, which is affecting the farmers and may soon threaten water supplies.
And so, when will human beings wake up? When will they take responsibility for their actions and start adopting measures that will help the environment and lessen greenhouse gases?
The scientists say we are approaching a tipping point. A point at which the damage that has been caused so far will be irreversible.
Is it human pride or just plain foolishness? God created such a beautiful world and yet we continue to pollute it and destroy eco-systems, thinking that there will be no repercussions to selfishness, arrogance, and irresponsibility. No wonder pride is a deadly sin.
Christians must always remain hopeful so for the good news.... China and the United States, announced a plan to combat global warming together.  Let's pray their combined efforts, ideas and action plan works and encourages other countries to follow.

Pride is the primal sin and the most grave of all the sins, the spiritual rebellion that untuned the harmony of the Universe. Pride is also the most glamorous, pervasive, fatal and insidious of the sins.
(from "The Wisdom of the Saints" An Anthology-Jill Adels

The climate system is an angry "beast" and we are poking at it. (Dr. Wally Broecker)