Saturday, January 25, 2014

Little Sisters of the Poors' Victory (Let's Hope It Lasts)

The U. S. Supreme Court stated that the Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious order of Catholic nuns who run nursing homes,  do not have to comply with President Obama's healthcare law requiring employees to provide insurance that covers contraception. This is considered a partial victory, as litigation continues. There is a requirement in that religious groups will have to send a written notification saying they object to the contraception mandate, in order to receive the exemption.
The Becket Fund for religious liberty made this statement, "We are delighted that the Supreme Court has issued this order protecting the Little Sisters. The government has lots of ways to deliver contraceptives to people, it doesn't need to force nuns to participate."
This is good news for the Little Sisters of the Poor. I am very familiar with their excellent nursing homes. A priest I knew was living and receiving excellent care, for years,  in Queen of Peace Residence in Queens which is run by the nuns. The atmosphere they provide and the care is amazing to see. A friend of mine who was often at the nursing home calls the nuns, "The angels of the earth." I volunteered for a time at Queen of Peace helping with grant writing. The nuns were so appreciative.
Bishop Ignatius Catanello, who was a Brooklyn auxiliary Bishop was cared for at Queen of Peace residence during a long illness. He died in March of last year.  I know from having observed their good works,  that the nuns are  wonderful religious who care about each patient and show concern for them. It's evident the moment you walk into the nursing home that this is no ordinary facility.
So it couldn't happen to a better group of nuns to have this ruling, at this time. Let's hope it holds. It makes perfect sense.

Making the elderly happy, that is what counts
St. Jeanne Jugan-foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor