Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dustin Friedland-Laying Down His Life for The Woman He Loved

During the holidays it should be a time for joy, celebration and greater compassion but unfortunately it is also a time when violent crime increases. There is a horrific story in the news from New Jersey about a young man who was out shopping with his wife for Christmas presents when he was involved in an attempted carjacking. In trying to save his wife, who he had just placed in the car, he struggled with the evil attackers and was shot and killed. He was a good man, well liked, hard working, a loyal husband and instead of wrapping presents, he's dead. How can one fathom such evil and violence? What kind of depraved, heartless human beings kill a man during the Christmas season or during any season for that matter?
Jesus said, "there is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend." Or for a loved one, for the woman you love.....Jesus knows what it is to give, not counting the cost, to give of oneself totally for love.  In this sad incident, an instant decision, made out of love, cost Dustin Friedland his life. He wanted to protect the woman he loved and he did that.  It's such a tragic, yet romantic story.
A few years ago I was out shopping late and I returned home with a lot of packages. I was followed without realizing it. A man started to walk up my driveway as I was taking the packages out of my car.  I ran into the house. Luckily I was alert because I later read that it was happening to others. People were followed and then robbed.  I don't shop anymore in the evening, when it's dark. I changed my shopping habits because of that incident.
Our country is a great country but we live in a society with great income inequality.  And that inequality keeps growing. Such a disparity in wealth causes problems in society. Problems that no one can escape from.
Dustin Friedland was the best of human beings and he was killed senselessly by the worst of human beings. He died a hero, protecting the woman he loved. How fortunate she was to be married to such a wonderful man who gave up his life trying to protect her from violence. May his soul be at peace.

They do not love, that do not show their love.  
(Shakespeare, "Two Gentlemen of Verona)