Sunday, December 8, 2013

Times Square Digital Billboard Mocks Christ-Desecrates the Name of Christ

I went to the Frick Museum in Manhattan yesterday to see one of the most famous paintings in the world, " Girl With A Pearl Earring" by Vermeer. The new exhibit at the Frick of famous Dutch paintings is worth seeing but on the way back home, I passed Times Square. That's when I saw something which greatly disturbed me. Radical atheists who have no respect for the beliefs of others, most especially Christians, have put up a huge digital billboard, "Who Needs Christ During Christmas? Nobody," is what it says and the name Christ is crossed out. "The 40 by 40 foot sign shows a series of motion graphics which starts with the question, "Who Needs Christ During Christmas? Then a hand crosses out Christ and writes "Nobody." It's disgusting and it made me very upset.
I don't care how much money they were willing to spend on that outrageous digital billboard, they should not be able to do that. I understand freedom of speech but there are certain sacred beliefs that should not be treated disrespectfully. Christ's holy and sacred name is being crossed out during the holy season of Advent in a public area seen by hundreds of thousands of people.  It shouldn't be. It's not right.  The holy name of Jesus Christ should not be treated so disrespectfully and mocked.