Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday Violence-Shopping on Thanksgiving

How sad that Thanksgiving Day as well as Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, were marred by violent episodes, in many states in our country. What a disgrace! It's bad enough that some retailers are opening on the evening of Thanksgiving but now come reports that people are fighting in stores, pushing, shoving and acting irrationally not only over big ticket items such as TV's and computers but over towels. Fighting, pushing and cursing over towels on Thanksgiving??  Shouldn't people be at home spending quality time with family or friends, giving thanks for their blessings? But instead we hear reports, year after year of people acting wildly to get a bargain.  It's unimaginable that people are fighting over towels (or anything for that matter) on Thanksgiving evening. This is materialism and consumerism run amok. The Founding Fathers of our country must be "turning over in their graves".
In one article I read, "Starting as early as Thursday night, shootings and stabbings have been reported at retailers in several states." In New Jersey, it was reported that a man was arrested after getting into an argument with a Walmart manager. The police were called and he then attacked a police officer (this was over a TV). These stories are so absurd that they are hard to believe.
It's a sad commentary on modern culture and what is happening in our country.
Pope Francis in his first published major document, "The Joy of the Gospel," asks all Christians to bring about a "revolution of tenderness" by being receptive to God's love and forgiveness and sharing that with others. We would be wise to heed that advice.

"Come Lord Jesus"