Friday, November 22, 2013

Gratefulness, Happiness and Faith-Happy Thanksgiving!

Children and adults who practice gratefulness and express gratitude are happier. Such an easy way to be happier. According to many articles I've read, as well as the most recent one at HuffPost, "Practicing gratitude increases students' positive emotions and optimism, decreases their negative emotions..and makes them feel more connected and satisfied with school and with life in general." There are so many positive health benefits-both physical and psychological, that can be gained from practicing gratefulness. You can reflect,  name or write down what you are grateful for, a simple way to increase optimism and happiness. (Optimistic people live longer too.) Of course there are also many benefits to believing in God and having faith, which I've mentioned over and over again on this blog.
And so for what am I happy for this Thanksgiving:
*For my relationship with God, for "knowing God" and having faith and belief, which has enriched my life.
*For Jesus
*For all the blessings in my life-my family and friends
*For being born in the U.S.A and having the freedoms I enjoy and the opportunities that has given me
*For my deep faith
*For the gifts I received at my baptism and Confirmation
*For my love of knowledge especially religious knowledge
*For the path I've chosen as an adult to study my faith and continue to grow in it
*For my writing and ability to share that knowledge with others
*For being loved be God and for being a child of God
*For Eucharist and my faith community
*For the delicious food my family will share on Thanksgiving, for all who will be present at the table
*For New York City, its beautiful churches and cultural institutions and most especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which I love to visit).
*For prayer that sustains me
*For being a Third Order Carmelite and for the Carmelite family
*For Jesus, Mary and all the Saints

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, wherever you are!
Remember to be grateful!