Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mars One Explorers- A One Way Ticket to the Red Planet

Just when you think you've heard it all or read it all comes a news article about an organization called "Mars One," that is planning to put a human settlement on Mars in the year 2023. Though this is the first time I'm hearing about it, apparently a year ago they publicized that they are going to colonize Mars (the Red Planet, 4th planet from the sun) which is currently uninhabited with a select group of people who volunteer to go. There is only one stipulation-it's a one way ticket. You go and you never come back to Earth. Sounds like science fiction, sounds a little crazy....well apparently they already have over 200,000 applications from people who are interested in leaving this planet permanently. You can't make this stuff up. The applicants come from all over the world.
The people who are selected will train for seven years. The first team of planetary adventurers will leave in 2022. The mission is expected to cost about $6 billion.
Interested? They are looking for people who work well with others, can live in close quarters and are good natured.
I'm certain they will need to have a priest and ministers for the Mars mission. Anyone interested in signing up? The settlers will have to have spiritual nourishment and religion in that strange environment. The settlers may be leaving civilization behind but God is everywhere.
It's not for me and I am truly amazed that anyone would be interested but some people are born explorers......One person who sent in an application, a Yale graduate said, "This is going to be a pretty important thing to do with my life. Talk about leaving your mark on humanity." I'd say!
And for those who apply who can't break away from modern technology, the mission will be equipped with the latest technology, so everyone back here on Earth can see how things are going.

Interesting Facts about Mars
Mars is named after the ancient Roman god of war- The Romans copied the ancient Greeks who named the reddish planet after their god of war-Ares
Mars is referred to as the "red planet" because of its reddish, rust color which is due to its iron rich materials in its dust and rocks, that cover the surface.
Mars has the largest volcanoes in the solar system.
Mars is much colder than Earth because it is further from the Sun.