Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Praying For Thomas Peters-Life's Unpredictability

One of the things that causes me stress is the unpredictability of life, the suddenness with which your life can be turned upside down. Yesterday in a parking lot, an older person nearly backed into me, as I was walking. Luckily I was alert. I am also aware, that a lot of people get hit by cars in parking lots. You can never let your guard down.
Then there was the recent horrible story about a young 28 year old teacher, who was eating a frankfurter at Wrigley Field in Chicago and she choked to death on a frankfurter. Why they don't change the shape of frankfurters is beyond me, they are such a choking hazard, and not just for children. Discussing that awful story with someone yesterday, I mentioned the importance of being mindful, even when eating. It's so sad, people choke to death, all the time, and yet as Americans we talk while we eat, some people drive while they're eating, so many distractions all the time. Do we always eat mindfully and carefully? No, and that's me included.
I felt so sad when I read about the swimming accident that the Catholic blogger Thomas Peters recently had. It was a serious accident, he's hospitalized, with a neck injury. He's getting excellent care, but what a sad story.  A young man of 27 suddenly thrust into this living nightmare, along with his family. It's incomprehensible how quickly life can become unmanageable. That's why prayer is such an anchor, for so many. It has so much importance in my life and in the life of other believers as well.
 There is a website-"Update and Information Center for the recovery of Thomas Peters"- ( to follow his progress and he is making progress, Thank God, but he has a long road ahead to recovery. He is in my prayers, along with his wife and family. On the website there is a link to ways to pray for Thomas and his family.
Pope Francis, as most Catholics know, is in Rio de Janiero for World Youth Day and he was recently thrust into an unpredictable, unruly situation when the driver of his car, made a wrong turn and his car was mobbed by the crowd. It was a loving and adoring crowd, but a crowd no less. That situation could have turned out of control very quickly, luckily it didn't.
I couldn't live without prayer, I don't know how people do. In this ever changing, unpredictable, precarious world we live in, prayer is a great gift and comfort. I know it is a comfort to Thomas Peters and  his family at this difficult time. Please Jesus be near to them and help them.

*6 Month Update  (Thank God for the progress!)
*One Year Update (More Good News-Thank God!)