Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado Alley Schools Need Safe Rooms

How many warnings are needed before responsible action is taken? How many lives have to be lost in Tornado Alley before people say enough is enough. We have been given human intelligence by God to use it wisely and yet it is incomprehensible to me that schools in "tornado alley" do not have safe rooms or shelters built beneath their schools to protect children and teachers in the event of a monster storm. I don't care what the consistency of the soil is, it is doable with modern equipment and it's absurd that the schools in Oklahoma that were destroyed or damaged during the recent horrific EF 5 tornado didn't have safe rooms or shelters.
We live in a fallen world and as beautiful as this world is, there are dangers from violent weather, why that is no one knows, but the reality is, we have to find ways to lessen dangers from storms. Many climate scientists believe that the future holds more violent and unpredictable weather because of global warming. The time to take action is now, in my opinion but the experts are saying that exact thing.
According to a HuffPost Green online article, "The two elementary schools leveled by the deadly tornado that swept through the Oklahoma City area Monday lacked designated safe rooms designed to protect children and teachers despite state warnings that the absence of such facilities imperils lives.
And what's more important than protecting the lives of children and teachers during a monster storm, especially in an area of the country that is prone to tornado activity. Children don't understand politics, school budgets, the bottom line, too expensive, too difficult or other excuses. They want to feel safe in school away from their parents. They deserve no less.
There has been enough tragic loss of life, enough trauma and now it's time to act.  Let's hope school budgets and politics don't get in the way of responsible action.