Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Proof of God's Existence-Jesus' Life

After watching an episode last night of the hit miniseries, "The Bible," on the History Channel I wasn't thinking (as a lot of people were) that the actor who played satan resembled President Obama. I would say it's just a coincidence, which is exactly what the producers are saying. Their explanation is that they most often used Moroccan actors as it was filmed in Morocco and they saved money doing it that way. So the actor is Moroccan and he just happens to look like President Obama. A strange coincidence.
Though I think the miniseries is very good, I think the episodes are too violent and graphic and I often have to look away. I am just too sensitive to view all that insensitivity, hatred and killing.
What amazed me after watching the brutality of Herod and the Romans, as it was portrayed last night, is that Jesus managed to survive for 33 years. Yes, Joseph and Mary fled into Egypt with the baby Jesus, and that probably saved the infant Jesus' life. But what about when he started preaching and teaching.  He was creating a stir, the authorities were not happy with him, and yet he was able to go on preaching for 3 years, long enough to give us enough material from which the New Testament was created. Just one more proof of God's existence, in my opinion. If God didn't exist he would have been killed by the Romans a couple of weeks after he started preaching and drawing crowds. They were ruthless, they wouldn't have given him time to expound on his views, philosophy and his teachings.  They would have done away with him much sooner. But God was with him. He somehow managed to survive and slip though their hands a number of times.
We are greatly blessed by his words and teachings and the New Testament which is rich in beauty, knowledge of God and the Spirit.
God exists and Jesus' life is proof of that.