Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lord Its Time To Act!

I'm preparing a talk I'm going to give to Lay Carmelites this weekend. I've been reading, thinking, trying to come up with some inspiration. I'm choosing the topic and so I can be creative, which I like, so I can be open to the movement of the Spirit. Actually, I've been thinking about the topic for weeks.
I came across this material while preparing: "In the land of Galilee, twenty miles from Nazareth, there is a beautiful mountain chain that is called Mount Carmel. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and provides an ideal setting for retirement and reflection, for prayer and contemplation. Carmel means garden and vine of God and its luxurious vegetation is a symbol of grace, blessing and beauty. This was the site where the Old Testament prophet Elijah was victorious over the 450 prophets of Baal. They cried to Baal from morning to night but he would not consume their holocaust. One cry to the Lord was sufficient for Elijah. Immediately a fire consumed not only his holocaust but also the stones, altar, and even the water in the trench around it. After this challenge of fire the false prophets were slain and the Israelites returned their hearts back to God and renewed their convenant with God. On the Carmelite shield the sword over Mary's crown signifies Elijah's zeal for the Lord, the God of hosts......"
Granted Elijah was a special prophet. But I couldn't help thinking that one cry to the Lord was sufficient and immediately God acted. And so I humbly address this to God in prayer:
"What about our cries Lord? Isn't it time to act? Isn't it time to act, Lord, on behalf of goodness, truth and holiness. Isn't it time to destroy evil, to crush the demons who drive people to do horrific acts of violence like what happened in the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, or in Syria, or Nigeria........Lord it's time for good to conquer evil. It's time for love, compassion, tolerance and peaceful co-existence to reign and rule the day............It's time for human beings to live with integrity and goodness, all the time and not to give into despair and hatred.....Guide us Lord."
For those of us who have zeal for the Lord, we won't give up, we'll hold fast to truth and goodness, knowing God will act, in God's time.

Do great things for us, O Lord, for you are mighty and holy is your name.