Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Devil's Outburst in Aurora, Colorado

Evil exists. Evil struck in a dark movie theater, late at night, after midnight in Aurora, Colorado. A deranged killer, dressed in black, "like an assassin ready to go to war," using the cloak of darkness, carried out the devil's work during a special late night showing of "The Dark Knight Rises." Chaos, destruction, confusion, violence perpetrated on the innocent, disregard for human life and dignity, the "Joker,"- the Devil had his hand in this atrocity. Signs of the evil ones intent are everywhere in the story and scarily in the face of the suspected killer.
Evil and violent thoughts can sometimes permeate the minds of psychotic, obsessed people. I believe the Devil preys on their weak and disturbed minds. Sometimes they act and follow through. We've seen this over and over again, violence and destruction of the innocent. My heart is deeply saddened for those who have died suddenly, for those who grieve and those injured. So many questions remain. How can someone buy so much ammunition online without raising suspicion?
According to the Huffington Post, "Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition along with four guns, online in the weeks leading up to the tragic event that claimed numerous lives and left dozens injured at a movie theater outside Denver. At a news conference on Friday night, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said, 'My understanding is all weapons he possessed, he possessed legally. All ammunition he possessed, he possessed legally." I have the same question that many are asking, "How can someone buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition and four guns over the internet in a few weeks time without a red flag going up somewhere?" Shouldn't someone have informed law enforcement that someone out there in Colorado was getting an arsenal together? I wonder what part "deadly greed" plays in this story.
I don't understand the presence of evil in this world and I never will. I also will never understand how a young man, with a brilliant mind, who comes from a nice family can turn crazy, psychotic and possessed with evil intent, without anyone noticing anything unusual. It is beyond my comprehension.
God must be weeping too. I'm sure Christ weeps for the injured, the grieving and those who died senselessly.
There are too many violent images in our society, there are grave consequences to that. I learned that in college years ago, and I've seen it play out in horrific ways.

Christ had the most tender heart that ever beat. He shed tears at the tomb of Lazarus; he wept over the evils that were to fall upon Jerusalem. Never did a son love his mother as he did. Blessed Columba Marmion