Monday, June 25, 2012

Who Will Save the World?

It seems the world needs saving, according to some economists who think that the European fiscal crisis could spin out of control. It could happen quickly, if nothing is done. So who will save the world? Will the Germans act or will the United States act? Or maybe China will help out. I started thinking about this after reading Paul Krugman's article in the New York Times titled, "The Great Abdication." He seems to believe (along with others) that someone has to act to save Europe from spiraling out of control. Greece, now Spain, soon Italy and then the contagion could spread.
The world seems to need two kinds of help, one earthly, the other Divine. For years there has been high unemployment in the United States, as Mr. Krugman mentioned in his article. High unemployment is dehumanizing and causes tremendous problems for families, most especially children. People are suffering in this country because of high unemployment and this is going on for years and nothing seems to be done about it. It's absurd when you think about it. Politicians keep promising solutions but nothing changes.
There are dangerous fires burning out of control in the Western U.S. The West is dry from record heat. In Colorado alone, eight wildfires are burning across the state. A frightening situation. One woman described it as "hell opening up." There is a water crisis developing in the West. Each year the problem gets more serious. There simply isn't enough water. Where are those solutions?
Major problems seem to be ignored as if they will just go away if nothing is done about them. Universities are filled with academics who study, do extensive research and write and yet problems persist in our country and the world and only patchwork takes place. Well thought out and researched solutions seem to be lacking. Sometimes nothing makes sense to me.
As I've written many times, I don't know how people live without prayer, especially in this uncertain, unsettling world we live in. I'm on retreat this week, but obviously I can't stay away from reading or blogging. But I am praying a lot and that calms me and helps me to deal with what I read. On retreat tomorrow I will remember to pray for everything I mentioned in this entry and to pray for realistic solutions that work and truly help people.