Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A European Mess-Financial and Spiritual

Spain is in a recession with 25% unemployment. From the "Economic Times," these sobering words, "Crisis is the watchword in Madrid. Take your pick-liquidity crisis, debt crisis, banking crisis, economic crisis, confidence crisis, jobless crisis. Spain, the ailing euro zones latest problem child has them all..."
I'm not a financial expert (though I follow business news), but it sounds pretty serious to me. And the worry is that all this European debt and uncertainty will drag down the United States economy too. I hope things improve for every ones sake.
Sadly a 5.8 earthquake hit central-northern Italy this week. That is going to further hurt the economy in Italy. But that's not the worst of it. People lost their lives, others are homeless or afraid to return to their homes because of aftershocks. They need prayers.
And then there is the "man-made earthquake" in Vatican City. On Wednesday, Pope Benedict spoke for the first time about the crisis associated with leaked Vatican documents. His personal butler was arrested by Vatican police and is accused of stealing personal correspondence belonging to the Pope.
What a strange story. Talk about betrayal, a personal butler is suppose to be very loyal. And who in their right mind would steal from the Pope? The Pope expressed "sadness in my heart," over the embarrassing scandal and betrayal.
The story sounds like fiction, something Dan Brown could have written. But it's true. The Pope assured Catholics that the Church would survive and weather this latest "storm." The Church is a divine institution, I never doubted that for a minute.