Monday, April 16, 2012

Say It Ain't So-Tebow Booed in NY

Could it be possible that New York fans at Yankee Stadium booed Tim Tebow, who showed up at a Yankee game wearing a Yankee cap as he was shown on a giant video board? I can hardly believe the story. What was that about? Tim Tebow should be welcomed with cheers. He's a wonderful addition to the New York Jets and the New York scene. New York fans can be fickle it seems. Joe Girardi, the Yankees manager would have given him a warm welcome, but he didn't get a chance to see him. Tebow brought the Yankees luck, as they won on Sunday night.
Christians will always be persecuted. Jesus said so. You can never please everyone, some people will like you in life, others won't. Christians are suppose to build each other up, but that doesn't always happen. That's why when I speak to children about faith, I always tell them that Jesus is their best friend and the one true friend they can always count on. Recently I was in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn speaking to children preparing to receive First Communion and I asked them what the best thing about Jesus was. One little boy came up to the microphone and said in a loud voice, with much conviction, "Jesus loves me, NO MATTER WHAT!" That was the perfect statement.
I'm sure fickle NY fans haven't worried Tebow a bit. He has a lot to be grateful for. Besides his talent and his willingness to be a great Christian witness, on Easter Sunday he preached to a cheering crowd of over 15,000 people at a Protestant Church in Texas. He stressed that we should all put God at the center of our lives. He has his priorities straight so booing won't bother him for long.
Let's hope in the months ahead those boos turn into cheers.