Friday, April 20, 2012

Fr. James Martin, S.J. Supports Nuns

Fr. James Martin, prolific writer and speaker has started a twitter drive, WhatSistersMeanToMe according to a HuffPost article I read. He's doing it to show support to nuns in the United States, (The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, in particular) who have come under scrutiny of late by the Vatican.
I wonder why the Vatican didn't handle this delicate situation differently. Why does this have to play out in the media? Couldn't this of been handled behind closed doors with recommendations given to the Sisters in private, if officials in the Vatican thought changes should be made? How would Jesus have handled this matter? More compassionately I think. But anyhow, Fr. Martin wrote this to the Huffington Post in explaining his twitter campaign-
"Catholic Sisters are my heroes. In light of the Vatican's desire to renew and reform their main organizing body, The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, I think it would be a great time to speak a word of support for Catholic Sisters to acknowledge the hidden ways that these women have generously served God, the poor and served this country." In all respect to Fr. Martin, I don't think anyone is questioning the generosity of Catholic nuns. We've all benefited from their generosity, in many ways. I've read many supportive and encouraging tweets as a result of Fr. Martin's effort.
This morning I read an editorial in the "New York Times" supporting the Sisters as well. Titled "American Nuns, Conscience and the Vatican," it noted the "very fine work in schools, charities, prisons and impoverished neighborhoods being done by about 60,000 nuns across the nation.............The nuns clearly are caught in a classic crossfire of church doctrine, politics and hierarchical obedience. It would be a tragedy, far beyond the Church, if their fine work and their courageous voices were constrained."
I think some damage control is necessary. What would Jesus do to straighten this out?

One of the tweets read as follows-WhatSistersMeanToMe-

"They taught me what love was during a very dark time in my life"