Friday, March 16, 2012

Anti-Catholic Ad-New York Times Responds To My Letter

The New York Times has let the "devil in the door" and now has a problem on its hands. In the latest development it appears that the paper has refused to print an anti-Islam ad, saying it would endanger people's lives by printing the ad. When Pamela Geller tried to pay for an anti-Islam ad she was told "no," for the time being.
Below is the response I received from the New York Times regarding an e-mail I sent them, expressing my disappointment (and outrage) over the anti-Catholic advertisement that appeared in their newspaper last Friday. The highly controversial ad was titled, "It's Time To Consider Quitting The Catholic Church."

Dear Ms. Azzaro
Thank you for your note regarding the advertisement we ran recently from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. We regret that you were disturbed by the substance of that advertisement. We want you to be aware that The New York Times accepts advertisements from advocacy groups who wish to share their points of view on particular matters, including those involving faith. We publish this type of advertising because we believe in the First Amendment, which affords us the right to publish news and editorials but more importantly, guarantees the public's right to be heard. It should be noted that we have accepted many advertisements from organizations making opposing statements about various religious faiths, including anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim groups. We offer opportunities for pro-religious groups to have their voices heard. In fact, we have given pro-Catholic causes many opportunities to use the New York Times to get their message to our very influential audiences. The Catholic League of New York advertises in The Times' with their last ad running in April of 2011. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to write and hope this clarifies our position....."