Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama's Mistake-Forgetting To Keep A Promise

There is a general mistrust of elected officials and its worse than at any other time in history. Over and over again, politics get in the way of common sense decisions. President Obama could have saved himself a lot of stress and second guessing his recent decision on health care, if only he had kept his promise to Archbishop Dolan. He should have also taken the advice of his Vice President- Joe Biden, who advised him (along with others) that the controversial HHS mandate requiring contraceptive coverage in health insurance programs would alienate a lot of people and be seen as "government intrusion on religious institutions and religious liberty."
I watched Archbishop Dolan on "CBS This Morning" stating that President Obama assured him in November in the Oval Office, that the "administration would not do anything to impede the Catholic Church." Archbishop Dolan looked concerned on television as he said that now "he would take anything that the President said with a grain of salt," and that he was "skeptical of the President."
President Obama is now seeking a compromise, he wants to quell the uproar and accusations that "the federal government has drifted dangerously beyond its constitutional boundaries."
Many other religious leaders have joined the Catholic Church in its opposition to the mandate. Rick Warren, the influential Protestant pastor and author said that he would rather go to jail than to "cave in to a government mandate that violates what God commands us to do." Many Jewish leaders as well have given support to the U.S. bishops opposition to the mandate.
No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes but President Obama should have seen this coming. He also should not have broken a promise to an Archbishop. That's never a good idea, especially an influential, well liked Archbishop who is becoming a Cardinal very soon. The Archbishop also seems to get along well with the media and is very comfortable on television. He is clearly someone you should keep a promise to, once you make it.
I would think President Obama has learned a lesson-when you say something mean it and always keep a promise.