Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knicks Jeremy Lin-"Taiwanese Tebow"

My son is a huge Knicks fan. He's been one for as long as I can remember. His room, when he was growing up, was covered with Knicks memorabilia. Like most basketball fans, especially Knicks fans, the unexpected, almost miraculous rise of New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is giving fans hope and excitement. Jeremy Lin, a Harvard graduate came from obscurity to stir the imaginations and interest of basketball fans everywhere. Some journalists have called him, because of his faith and his willingness to witness to it-"Taiwanese Tebow."
He gives modern meaning to the biblical quote, "With God all things are possible." The first video clip I watched of Jeremy Lin playing basketball, I saw him point upwards after he scored and I knew at that moment he was giving glory to God. I didn't have to read that he was a Christian or that he had deep faith, in that moment I saw it for myself.
In a recent interview he was quoted as saying, "I'm just thankful to God for everything...like the Bible says, 'God works in all things for the good of those who love him.'"
His pastor from Redeemer Bible Fellowship in Mountain View, California said of him and his parents, "They are 'conservative in nature' and 'evangelical in faith.'" I also read that Jeremy Lin wanted to be a pastor.
As reported by Daniel Burke in a Religion News Service story, "According to Tom Krattenmaker author of the book, Onward Christian Athletes, many see similarities between Tebow and Lin." Both athletes speak about how God gave them inner strength and courage through the difficult times. Both men praise God in interviews. And of course, Tim Tebow started "tebowing" and Jeremy Lin I saw point upwards, both gestures intentionally giving the glory and gratitude to God.
Thank God for athletes, like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin who use their many gifts and talents for good and don't forget to give honor and praise to God for their abundant blessings.

After the amazing game he played on Valentine's Day, he said this to a post game interviewer:

I just want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! (Jeremy Lin)
To that I say-Amen!