Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions and Staying Healthy

I read an article at HuffPost Healthy Living, titled "Keep Walking To Stay Mentally Sharp," by Gary Small, M.D., and I thought this idea is a good resolution to stick with. I try to walk everyday (or go on the treadmill) but sometimes I get distracted. I know walking is the least expensive and easiest way to stay in good health (amazingly it also prevents strokes). The latest studies now confirm that walking regularly helps your brain stay young, healthy and alert as you age.
From the article, "In a study of 18,000 older women, Harvard researchers found that 90 minutes a week of brisk walking or approximately 15 minutes a day, was all one needed to delay cognitive decline and reduce possible risk of future Alzheimer's Disease. University of Pittsburgh scientists found that the more older people walked the better their cognitive abilities and the larger their brains." (I'd like a large brain, how about you?)
One of the diseases I fear as I age is Alzheimer's Disease. It's such a devastating disease. Walking everyday sounds like such a simple way to prevent it.
From all that I've read (and I read a lot) to age well and to keep your mind, body and soul healthy these suggestions are mentioned over and over again by different experts, scientists and spiritual teachers:
Reading-books, articles and blogs of course
Staying social-belonging to groups
All forms of exercise-especially walking
Practicing Christian meditation- practicing mindfulness
Eating fruits and vegetables-especially berries, apples and green leafy vegetables
Finding time for silence and solitude
Being part of a faith community and attending religious services or Mass
Believing in God and praying often
Developing good friendships
Trusting in God in good times and bad-staying faithful no matter what life "throws" at you
Smiling often and staying optimistic
Believing in God's abundant favor
Walking in the sunshine each day (or as often as possible).
I also say morning and evening prayer which I find soothing for my soul.

God bless and good luck. I hope you keep some of your resolutions if you make them.
"With God all things are possible"