Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Desecration of Another Church

When I saw the photograph (check out the Deacon's Bench) of protesters in Rome walking past a shattered statue of the Blessed Mother, it shook me up. There was something very cold and callous about people walking past a desecrated statue of Mary without feeling or remorse. They hardly saw her, which is quite unnerving, to see their disregard. It happened near the Lateran Basilica in Rome on a day in which worldwide protests were planned against greed, poor economic conditions, high joblessness and a loss of hope. Most protests around the world were peaceful and lawful, but in Rome the protests turned violent and destructive. The evil one was present there, causing the usual havoc, discord and violence. The devil's stamp was on it, whenever you have the desecration of holy statues, consecrated religious articles and a crucifix, it's quite obvious that the evil one took part (my opinion, of course). The Vatican condemned the violence and hopefully there will be better security in the future, if any protests are planned. Sacred, religious sites must be well protected.
It's getting a little scary. As I put up Halloween decorations this evening, I thought about what's really frightening in our world. It's not goblins and ghosts but the thousands of discontented, frustrated and feed up people who want change and a better life and a better future for their children. Something is out of whack, hopelessness is a dangerous thing. People have a right to protest and a right to seek a better life, but no one has a right to use violence or to desecrate sacred statues or a crucifix. Let's hope that never happens again.