Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 8th-A Carmelite Would Know......

I think a Carmelite would know that if I wrote I was born on Mary's nativity, that even though that is a great grace, that gift or grace would come with "strings attached." Oh yes, a great gift comes with strings and sometimes those "strings" are trials. Carmelites would know that from their studies, others might know that from experience. I found that out long before I became a Lay Carmelite.
I'm pleased to be born on a feast day of Mary-September 8th. It would be many years after I was born, when I would realize the significance of the day of my birth. I probably heard it or read about it in catechism class. My parents were very good Christians (and parents), kind and generous people, but not the type to know the date of Mary's nativity or the feast day it was celebrated on. So I would stumble upon that fact on my own, and I thought it was interesting, but little did I know as a child, that a gift is more than it seems ( more complicated), in the spiritual realm and in spiritual terms.
I have a great devotion to Mary. I should hope so. I recently gave a talk about her, and said, "We're really like Mary in many ways. Catholics tend to exalt Mary and that's natural and fitting, as she is the Mother of God, but you too have answered God's call and said "yes" to God's invitation. You have responded to God and so you are more like Mary than you think or imagine. (Basically that is what I said and you can understand the point I was trying to make.)

On another note, my heart and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones on September 11th, 2001. What a sad anniversary we mark this Sunday. I think especially of the 3,051 children who lost a parent on that day. I watched a TV special on those children last evening and it made me realize just what those children have gone through these past 10 years. May God be with them. For all the heroes and the good, hard working people who lost their lives that horrific day, there are no words, just hope in eternal life.