Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bishop Libasci Will Be A Blessing!

As reported in the Catholic press, Rockville Centre diocesan auxiliary bishop, Bishop Peter Libasci has been appointed by Pope Benedict to lead the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire. He will be the bishop of the entire state of New Hampshire. That New England state is lucky to have Bishop Libasci. Long Island is losing a very good and kind auxiliary bishop. Bishop Murphy, the bishop of Rockville Centre was quoted as saying, "While I will greatly miss his wise counsel and tireless apostolic spirit, I rejoice that the Holy Father has chosen one of the priests of this diocese to lead the Diocese of Manchester."
I've met Bishop Libasci a few times and each time, I was very impressed with him. The first time I met Bishop Libasci, I was looking for something in the library at the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston, Queens. I didn't recognize the bishop though I had probably seen his photograph in the Long Island Catholic. But anyway, I remember it was late in the afternoon of Ash Wednesday because I had a large ash cross on my forehead, it was a rather dramatic cross as it covered my entire forehead. Before I was introduced to him by the librarian, he gave me a warm and kind smile. That tells me a lot about a person. After being introduced, he asked me what parish I belonged to and we then discussed my pastor who wasn't feeling well at the time. He knew that already and said he was glad I reminded him as he was going to call him. He just has a nice way about him.
About a year later, I would have the opportunity to attend a Communion Breakfast at the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington, Long Island and Bishop Libasci was the speaker for that event and he celebrated Mass as well. I was struck by him during the entrance procession at Mass. I could tell he was praying as he entered the chapel. That was evident to me. He's a holy priest and bishop and that's obvious. (Praise God! That's what the Church needs more than anything.) Later on in his talk on the Eucharist, which was excellent he spoke about how he was praying as he entered the chapel (I knew it!) and how humbled he was to be a bishop. He also mentioned how seriously he took that responsibility and how important it was to him to live up to the expectations of the people who counted on him and how he prayed to be a blessing to others and to the Church.
I know Bishop Libasci will be a blessing to the state of New Hampshire and the Diocese of Manchester. I know he will provide the healing and graces that are needed there, at this time in history. Many blessings Bishop, go with Christ!

I desire so much to meet all of you and to see Christ so alive and so present in you. I desire to share in this work that is ours: to be true to and thus carry on the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (Bishop Libasci to the people of his new Diocese)