Monday, August 1, 2011

Needing A Dose of Optimism

Optimistic people are happier people. They look to the future with hope. Optimism and hope are necessary for Christians and people of all faiths, because we live in a fallen world, where it seems evil has a strong foothold. After reading the headline stories at, for Catholic world news, over the weekend, it was easy to fall into despair. One headline story after another about failures in the Church, at all levels. It is really disheartening for those of us who love the Church and know the treasure and gift that the Church can be. But something is out of whack. Some of the accusations I read in one story, are something out of a bad, crude, scandalous novel, they are almost unbelievable.
There are those of us whose lives have been enriched by the Church and the teachings of Jesus, who know it is a force for good in the world. But it's time (in my humble opinion) for Church leaders to meet to discuss the challenges the Church is facing in the modern world. We live in a fast-paced, quickly changing world, due to modern technology. These are challenges the Church has never faced before. The internet has changed the world forever. Making an effort to use modern technology for good and to promote Church teachings and the teachings of Jesus is important but it's more important for the Church to realistically look at the problems it's facing and act wisely, constructively and realistically while invoking God's Holy Spirit for guidance. Prayer is needed, but action is needed too. Headlines such as "Germans Leaving the Church in Record Numbers," or the problems happening in Ireland or Australia should be a wake-up call.
Getting back to optimism, I read this from an online article titled, "The Importance of Optimism," by Dan Floros, "Optimism allows us to move on, despite our setbacks, despite our bruises. There are no failures if we learn and decide to bounce back from such obstacles. Failures are only failures if we decide to remain defeated. The word 'optimism' gives us some clues here. 'Opt' equates to choice. Each one of us has a choice, to see things pessimistically (glass half empty) or optimistically (half full)."
I'm trying to be optimistic. I know the Church has a divine head-Jesus Christ, the wisdom and power of God. I have total faith in the power of God and the Holy Spirit. But human beings who have positions of authority in the Church need to do something substantial because something is out of whack, when so many articles about Cahtolic world news deal with disturbing revelations and reports which harm the Church and disappoint the faithful.

Veni Sanctus Spiritus