Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Deed Rewarded

So happy that Christian Lopez the young man who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit and returned the ball to Jeter, saying he wanted to do the right thing, will be rewarded for his good deed. Besides getting a lot of good publicity which he deserves, he'll be getting help with his student loans too. Like many other recent college graduates, Christian has a lot of debt. A few days ago it was reported that he might have to pay taxes on the sports memorabilia he was given by the Yankees for his generosity in giving up the valuable ball. Some newspapers were stating, "No good deed goes unpunished." But as it turns out Christian still wasn't having regrets. He said that parents were coming up to him saying, "My son looks up to you for what you did." That's priceless and that's what Christian thought too. Now it's being reported that good deeds are noticed and rewarded. I read this about Christian, "The recent college graduate with outstanding student loans will get some financial help too. Memorabilia dealer Brandon Steiner and sporting goods CEO Mitch Modell said they will make sure Lopez gets at least $50,000 toward his outstanding student loans of $150,000. " That's wonderful! And in another amazing twist to this story, Topps, the manufacturer of sports' cards said it will be making a trading card of Christian Lopez to be included in sets, later this year. For a young man, who collected baseball cards since he was a young boy, this must be like a dream......A good and wholesome story for people of all ages. Christian is a great role model for kids, his selfless act of kindness and generosity made news around the world. It's an uplifting summer story at a time when there is so much negative news.