Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapture Busted!

I know exactly why the Rapture and devastating earthquakes predicted by Harold Camping and believed by so many of his followers did not happen. Those billboards and that expensive end of the world campaign and all those diligent volunteers (some of whom quit their jobs), caused so many thousands of people to pray (extra hard) that May 21st would be a non-event, which thank God it was. There was no unusual earthquake activity on the planet for that day. Many thousands I suspect (including myself) prayed that worldwide destruction wouldn't happen. The prayers were some added insurance. Of course I knew and wrote that it wasn't going to happen as Harold Camping had predicted. The calculations didn't make any sense to me, if they did I might have been alittle nervous. So I prayed as I often do for God's mercy, love and faithfulness for all people of good will and deep faith. Where would we be without God's mercy, forgiveness, love and creative, divine input? Where would we be without the Holy Spirit? Nowhere. Sensible believers of all faiths, who prayed for calm and peace that day and fervently lifted their prayers to God, outweighed the negativity, negative talk and false thinking and predictions.
In reality, I knew there wouldn't be a Rapture, because, first of all Catholics don't believe in the Rapture and second of all, God is a merciful God, a God who is always trying to help us at all times. God wants our salvation, peace, and wholeness. God desires justice and peace for the world and has given us the means to achieve it. I hope and pray the doomsday predictions never come true and that Judgment Day is a figurative scenario (not meant to be taken literally), in the Book of Revelation. Many well respected theologians believe what is written in the Book of Revelation about the end times is figurative.
Let's keep praying for that. God is love. It says that over and over again in the Bible and in different ways it demonstrates that truth.
I believe if there is ever an end time scenario, (God forbid!), we will most likely cause it ourselves through ignorance and greed. It will not come as a Judgment Day from God.
God is love. It's simple to understand, it needs no interpretation or calculation. God loves each of us more than we can imagine and certainly more than we can fit into our brains.