Friday, March 25, 2011

Church Going Green

I read about a great idea coming from a church in Smithtown, Long Island. Perhaps other churches will follow this good example. It's a great way to save money, while helping the environment. According to a recent NY Newsday article, an Episcopal church, St. Thomas of Canterbury is going green. Workers will soon be installing 48 solar panels. Bob Reimertz, who serves on the church's vestry was quoted as saying, "The investment will mean saving $2,500 in annual electricity bills because we're using free power from the sun." The project will be completed in a month.
The article stated that, "The church received a $28,000 loan for the project through the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island from a national church building fund." They will also receive a rebate from the Long Island Power Authority. Apparently there are at least seven other churches or faith based institutions on Long Island that use solar power. Protecting the environment and utilizing renewable sources of energy should be a priority for churches. It's the right thing to do and it saves money as well.
Also, New York City and Long Island are particularly vulnerable to sea level changes that can be brought about by global warming. At a map shows the damage that could happen to coastal areas if climate change and global warming continue. A sea level rise of only a few meters would "inundate thousands of acres of highly developed land on Manhattan, Long Island and the New Jersey Coastline." I would add Brooklyn and Queens too.
All of the major world religions have places of worship (not to mention valuable real estate) in these areas. They should come together and brainstorm on how to do their part to prevent global warming and find ways to use renewable energy sources. Just my it's time to rest.