Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are These Warnings?

I tend to worry but I'm starting to think that perhaps we are getting warnings that things are not as they should be. If they are warnings, will we heed the warnings? A good question.
I don't think we are living in the end times, but there are a lot of people who do. The weird events that took place in the first hours and days of the New Year sparked a lot of new hype and discussion about the apocalypse. First thousands of blackbirds died in Arkansas and literally fell out of the sky and then there was a die-off of birds in Louisiana. There might be perfectly valid explanations and natural causes for these die-offs, but who knows. Then it was reported that over 80,000 drum fish in the Arkansas River died-off. Mass deaths of wildlife do sometimes happen because of natural causes but it's still unnerving.
Another thing that is concerning wildlife experts is the decline in the bumblebee population, which has been happening for years. In the past decades the bumblebee population has declined by 96%. According to an AOL article, "The population of bumblebees in the United States is in a free fall..........." This is similiar to a problem in Europe.
I hope future generations find solutions to these problems and have a greater respect and care for the Earth and all God's creatures. Future generations will have a lot to do to correct and restore what has been destroyed and neglected. Young people are smart and they'll have modern technology and advances in the natural sciences to help them, so I hope they'll meet the challenges ahead with ingenuity, great intelligence and care, because it will be greatly needed. They will also need to pray for God's guidance and help because they will need God's wisdom as well.