Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living Without God's Wisdom-Human Junkyards

If you live without God, if you live without faith, prayer and God's word, in my opinion, your life can become meaningless, stressful, unbearable at times and without hope. Obviously, others feel this way as well. Some young people are resorting to doing insane things to their bodies and I can't imagine what would cause someone to do the following. I read about a new "trend" among some teenagers (what could they possibly be thinking or feeling?) where they use themselves as "human junkyards." What this means is that some teenagers are embedding objects into their skin. It seems these kids have found a new way to be self-destructive. An online article at ParentDish described this alarming trend. "According to Business Week, a 16-year-old recently showed up in an emergency room with 20 odds and ends including paper clips, pencil lead and even a pair of eyeglasses--inside her body...She reportedly put them there in an excruciatingly painful process called self-embedding." 
According to researchers and doctors, these teens don't want to kill themselves they just want to hurt themselves. These acts are similar to other forms of self-mutilation such as cutting and burning and these troubled teens are ashamed of their behavior and try to hide it. 
It was difficult for me to read the article and write about it. It is so sad. Many of these teens have pyschological disorders, and they tell researchers that it's easier to deal with "physical pain than emotional pain." Strangely, they are trying to relieve internal pain.
I can't imagine what type of internal, emotional turmoil these young people are experiencing that they would hurt themselves. They need our prayers and anyone who works with teens, needs to find ways to reach out to troubled youth in our society, with solutions that help them deal with stress, rejection and alienation. Some solutions might be teaching them the importance of  Christian meditation, prayer, rituals, exercise routines, counseling etc. 
By the way, these were not isolated cases. Researchers wrote that between 13-23% of teenagers hurt themselves. That is a high statistic. 
As Catholic Christians we believe that we are made in the image and likeness of God and that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. If teenagers were taught that, if it was reinforced at home and if they internalized that message and believed it, they would never hurt themselves on purpose. Prayer is so important for children, teens and adults and quality family time as well. Giving children a spiritual life and a relationship with God from an early age is crucial to good and healthy human development, in my opinion. 
Without God, without God's inspired word and wisdom, life can become unbearable for so many. Without God, hope fades and despair overcomes logic and good sense. 
Please pray for teenagers in our country that they will find hope in trusting in God and they will seek out professional help when they need it.  

"Be still and know that I am God"