Monday, August 30, 2010

My Aunt's Eulogy

Today I gave a eulogy at my Aunt Connie's funeral Mass at Good Shepherd Church in Brooklyn, at the request of my cousins. I thought I would share it as it would be an extra tribute to the great Italian woman that she was in life. 
St. John of the Cross wrote, "In the evening of life, you will be judged on how well you have loved." Aunt Connie who now smiles at us from Heaven, knew how to love. Those of us who were fortunate to love her and be loved, know how well she lived and loved. She loved life. She loved excitement and adventure. She would tell us all, with a little sadness in her voice the same thing. She would tell me and all my cousins, "I can't live forever." But we wanted her to.
She spent her whole life loving, caring for others, giving of herself, sharing life and laughter, goodness and generosity and cooking the best Italian food we ever ate. As a child I remember all the people who came to our two family house on East. 52nd Street, to be part of our beautiful family. They came to visit, to share stories, to eat Aunt Connie's delicious Italian food, to laugh and play cards. She offered her family and friends warmth and hospitality.
Jesus' great command was, "Love one another as I have loved you." She fulfilled that very well. 
She looks at us from Heaven, in peace, surrounded by loved ones, in the light of God. She knows she fulfilled her purpose in life and brought joy and laughter to others. She's probably laughing with my brother Arthur now.
She was the loving, caring matriarch of a big, beautiful Italian family. Each one of us has a part of her in us. We were blessed to have her as a part of our lives. She enriched us all. She lives on in each of us in the good lives we live and share with others.