Friday, January 22, 2010

Generosity and Hope

I am greatly impressed by the goodness and generosity of people throughout the world who are coming to the aid of Haiti. There has been so much depressing news of late but the uplifting news is that nations, corporations, businesses and people of every race, nationality and religion, throughout the world, have come through for the people of Haiti. It's very encouraging. A special celebrity telethon on "Larry King Live," raised more than $8 million in disaster relief. There has been an outpouring from Americans. They have given hundreds of millions of dollars and money continues to be raised by charities. Text messaging and social media has made it easier for people to give. Celebrities who have a lot to be thankful for are continuing to make large donations. Leonardo DiCaprio recently donated $1 million to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. George Clooney has also donated $1 million to the Haiti relief. 
Tonight CNN's Anderson Cooper, (who has done a remarkable job reporting from Haiti, along with the other journalists who are there), will co-host a 'Hope for Haiti' charity telethon. It will be a commercial-free global telethon. George Clooney will host from LA and Wyclef Jean from NYC. There will be live performances by celebrities. I'm sure it will raise millions more for this important cause. 
The people of the world came together to support a good cause and to respond to the "poorest of the poor." They have a desire to help, to share and to give. It is showing the best of humanity. If only, it could always be this way, such a united response to the suffering of others. People helping other people in need, showing care and concern. "Loving thy neighbor as thyself "....  it would be the world as it was meant to be.
Besides the moving images of people being rescued from the rubble, the images that I found hopeful and compelling were the orphans who were being brought to the United States to be united with families who adopted them. What extraordinary people to open their hearts and homes to these children, who have nothing. These children are being given a chance to live a good life. The children were shown hugging tightly these generous people, who were adopting them. They were beautiful images of hope and goodness. Each child was being given the dignity and love each human being is entitled to.  This is the best of humanity, human beings doing God's work in the world, being the hands of Christ for others.