Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Missionaries Needed Everywhere-All Ages Welcome

In my last blog/column I wrote about missionaries that are needed in urban neighborhoods to bring the gospel to young people. Well, it seems the Pope is also thinking about missionaries and how much they are needed in today's secular world. Only I was thinking about young adult missionaries, it seems the Pope thinks even children can be missionaries, which is quite true. Anyone, filled with the Holy Spirit and confident of Christ's message and the fact that Jesus is a real friend-genuine and loyal, can effectively evangelize for Christ. 
According to an online article I read at Zenit.org, Pope To Kids: Now is The Time To Be Missionaries, "Pope Benedict XVI is inviting kids as young as 8 years old to 'enthusiastically speak about Jesus' so as to bring the light of the Gospel to those who do not know him." Some 4,500 children, ages 8 to 13 participated in an event sponsored by the Spanish chapter of the Pontifical Missionary Works and the Spanish Bishops' Conference. 
The Pope also encouraged the children, via a papal telegram, saying the children should "observe the various parts of the earth, to become aware of their beauties and necessities." He also told them to "grow in friendship with Jesus, the friend who never fails, through prayer and the sacraments, so as to speak with him with enthusiasm to those who have perhaps not had the joy of knowing him."
Encouraging young children to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to care for the environment is a great message. How encouraging that 4,500 children participated in an event of this kind. Can you imagine if all those children, heed the call and are inspired to take on this "project"? We should pray for them that the message from the Pope will inspire them to action, that the Holy Spirit will guide them and give them courage. This is worthy of prayer...my prayer and yours. I have no doubt that 4,500 children, with the help of the Holy Spirit, with a mandate from the Pope, could help change the world or at the very least have a very positive effect on the missionary work of the Church. 
The following is a letter from a child written to God from the little book, Children's Letters to God compiled by Hample and Marshall-
Dear God
I like the Lords prayer best of all. Did you have to write it a lot or did you get it right the first time? I have to write everything I ever write over again.