Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sweet Chain Linking to God

Yesterday was a glorious Sunday, lots of sunshine and a great day to participate in a Family Rosary Rally, which is what I did. I volunteered to help my friends and former colleagues from the Office of Faith Formation, in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Sr. Alice Michael, prepared the children and organized the recitation of the Rosary, with some help from her friends. The children recited the Rosary prayers, in different languages, and it was led by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn. As the children recited the prayers, they made a large circle in Our Lady of Hope field, in Queens Village, each one holding a pink rose. At the end, a young girl crowned a large Blessed Mother statue, which had been brought to the field. Though it was an unusually warm day for April, all went well, as we had plenty of cold water on hand, which was donated, so we handed it out freely. Ana Puente, the Marriage Ministry Coordinator, and one of the organizers, bought buckets, which were filled with ice. Having cold water available was necessary on such a hot day. Handing out cold bottled water, on a hot day, is a good way to fulfill one of the Corporal Works of Mercy-Give drink to the thirsty! I'm sure plunging my hands into ice cold water buckets (along with Susan Dunn) to distribute the water, was a sure way to get extra grace!  
Anyhow, the Bishop gave a very good reflection to the children noting that the sun also shined brightly when the Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima, and the sun dried up all the rain. He mentioned that the Blessed Mother appeared to children. It was a a good story for that particular day.
It was a nice day for all the families that took part. After the Rosary, there was music and dancing for the children. Phil Franco, the Director of the Office of Faith Formation, was pleased with the event and as always adds his kind and affirming presence to all he takes part in.

Blessed Bartolo Longo (1841-1926) described the rosary as, The sweet chain linking us to God.