Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Messiah

I have just returned from the celebration of the Mass of the Lord's Supper. Catholic rituals soothe my soul, calm me and help me in many ways. I especially love the Triduum rituals, they are so packed with meaning and symbolism. Being in Church comforts me, it always has, even as a child I felt like I belonged there. I love mystery and I can sense the Mystery of God in Church and that has always brought me back.
I read a beautiful reflection in Magnificat titled, Our Messiah. It was written by a Benedictine abbot of Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England. The writer is Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B. I love words and I love spiritual writing, so when I find a reflection such as this one below, I save it and read it over and over again. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do. I think it sums up what the next few holy days are about.
Now, Christ's spirit, that spirit which is the essential characteristic of Christianity, is based primarily on this one great fact, that he, the Christ, the Son of God, is in full possession of all power in heaven and on earth, that he is full of grace and truth, that he is one with the Father, that the Father has given all things into his hands, that he is the infinitely holy One, that the spirit of darkness has in him no possession whatever. 'Which of you can accuse me of any sin?' Christ is rich, Christ is great, powerful, and holy and his spirit is known then only when we bear in mind this fundamental fact of his infinite greatness. Christ is infinitely powerful, infinitely holy, infinitely rich, all things are at his disposal; the heavens and the earth shall pass away, but not one single word of his shall pass away. The spirit of Christ is a spirit of generosity, a spirit of eternal patience, because being so powerful and great he can well afford to be patient. He is the Lord and Master and he descends from the height of his dignity, never losing it, never diminishing it but pouring infinite sweetness and sanctity into the smallest thing which he does for any of his beloved ones......
The Lord Jesus "pours infinite sweetness and sanctity into the smallest thing which he does for any of his beloved ones." We are the beloved ones and Christ continually gives his divine favor to us, his infinite sweetness and sanctity. I just love those words.