Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Body, Mind and Soul

Susan Boyle has a new look and though beauty can be skin deep, the reality is- looks do matter. That's the title of a New York Times article about Susan Boyle (Yes, Looks Do Matter by Pam Belluck-4/26) and the importance of appearance. Yes, beauty can be skin deep but we do make judgments about people by the way they look. According to psychologists, we stereotype people as a necessary mechanism for making sense of information. Eons ago, this capability was of life and death importance and humans developed the ability to gauge other people within seconds. This skill is still important today. 
Susan Boyle had hidden talent, as most everyone knows, she went from an obscure life to a YouTube sensation after her magnificent performance on "Britain's Got Talent TV show. There is something about hiddenness that intrigues us. (Perhaps because God prefers hiddenness and mysteriousness.) We can't imagine why someone who had so much talent-an extraordinary singing voice, waited until she was 47 years old to use it for her advantage. Especially since she was unemployed. Apparently, Susan Boyle led a sacrificial life up until the point of appearing on the show. Suddenly, she's famous, she has a new hairstyle, new clothes and I'm sure a lot more confidence. And she deserves it. Everytime I watch her sing, (who hasn't watched it more than once!) "I Dreamed a Dream" I feel happy for her success and I feel inspired knowing every dream has a chance to be time. Susan has faith, she is a church volunteer and she attends Mass. She is a believer in God, in God's abundant graces. She believes in miracles. It seems to me she has experienced one. Believers who trust in God, remain faithful (even in the dark) and persevere with hope, have an added advantage in life. I believe they have a very good chance of fulfilling their dreams. Christ said, I am the vine, you are the branches, united to me you can do great things. What a positive and empowering Scripture, what an empowering belief, that united to Christ you can reach for the stars and fulfill your dreams. In a moment, you can be transformed and millions along with you. 
Some quotes from the great Catherine of Siena, Saint and Doctor of the Church whose feast day we celebrate today--
Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring. 

Her experience of God.......
You are the supreme and infinite Good, good above all good; good which is joyful, incomprehensible, inestimable; beauty exceeding all other beauty; wisdom surpassing all wisdom, because you are Wisdom itself....