Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to New York, the Greatest City in the World

I'm getting some needed R & R this week, but was happy to hear that Archbishop Timothy Dolan was appointed Archbishop of New York. Just what we need in New York, especially at this moment in time, a smiling, affable archbishop. Congratulations to Archbishop Timothy Dolan and New Yorkers too!
Archbishop Dolan has his work cut out for him. And I don't just mean in assuming the responsibilities and spiritual care of the Archdiocese and all that encompasses. I mean the "Capital of the World," which is also one of the "Financial Capitals of the World," is going through a difficult and challanging time. Even before his official installation on April 15th, I suggest he starts praying for the economy, because Wall Street and the stock market are in "uncharted waters" and the recession affects New Yorkers to a great degree. So that's one challange for the archbishop, Wall Street needs some good news and something positive to stop the falling Dow. Who knows, perhaps some positivity from a new archbishop could help the situation.
And then there are the diverse neighborhoods in Manhattan which he should get to know quickly. There's a lot of evangelization that needs to happen in NYC. I'm amazed at how many young people live in NYC. They're everywhere and some of them are Catholic. More needs to be done to welcome them to our Church and offer them spiritual enrichment that meets their needs.
So Good Luck-- Archbishop and may the Holy Spirit guide you. I pray you will listen and learn quickly for the good of all.