Monday, February 1, 2016

Pope Francis Receives Visit From Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Pope Francis granted the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio a private audience recently at the Vatican. Leonardo wanted to discuss their common interest in helping the environment (God's creation). Leonardo has his own Foundation to support environmental initiatives. Leonardo was quoted as thanking the Pope for granting him a private audience (he brought his father along) and he gave the Pope a book of works by the 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch which contained a reproduction of a work that hung over Leonardo's crib as a child and greatly affected him. He also gave Pope Francis a check to be used for the Pope's charities.
Who would have ever believed that Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio would have something in common but they do. They both believe that something must be done to stop the degradation of the environment, the polluting that is hurting not only the environment but threatens humankind on many levels.
Di Caprio who has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in the movie, "The Revenant," needs some blessings and perhaps being near to holy Pope Francis will give him the edge he needs to win an Oscar. I saw the movie, it was very violent, too violent for me, but the story was amazing and DiCaprio did an incredible job acting.
Pope Francis gave DiCaprio a leather bound copy of "Laudato Si" and "The Joy of the Gospel. " I hope Leonardo reads them both.
He would be a great evangelizer for the message the Pope is trying to get across to modern society. We must preserve and protect this beautiful creation that God gave us, or we will all pay the consequences of not doing so.