Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness For Recent Scandals, As Only He Can

At the beginning of his General Audience at the Vatican, Pope Francis began by acknowledging the recent scandals at the Vatican and also in Rome and asked for forgiveness. He wasn't specific but he could have meant a few different things that have happened of late. There are so many troubles surrounding Pope Francis. I pray the Holy Spirit guides him and he is open to the movement of the Spirit.
Right outside the Pope's window, Rome itself is embroiled in controversy as the mayor of Rome resigned over a scandal involving his expense account. Marino, a former liver transplant surgeon who became a politician about ten years ago, denies he's done anything wrong.  But he doesn't have the confidence of the people of Rome.
Then there are the recent scandals involving important figures in the Church. Two priests, one who was a member of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, an important Vatican office, are embroiled in controversy and scandal.
Pope Francis is trying so hard to do everything right, to be a positive image for the Church and he is succeeding, but there are problems in the Church. Problems that are usually not dealt with in an open and constructive way. Problems that need to be addressed in an intelligent, pro-active and pragmatic way.
God help Pope Francis as he sorts through these problems with his advisers. Finding solutions will mean "thinking out of the box," and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. Pope Francis receives so many prayers each day, hopefully those prayers will give him clarity of thought and the knowledge of God's will for the Church.