Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams Senseless Death-The Devil's "Hand" In It

It's hard to imagine how someone as talented, admired, successful and loved as Robin Williams was could take their own life in suicide. Just the other morning the serious topic of depression came up in a summer book club, that I'm a part of, at my parish.  We are reading the great book by Fr. James Martin, "Jesus-A Pilgrimage," and the topic of depression came up by one of the participants.  I responded that a severely depressed person has to seek professional help because depression can lead to suicide. I've read that and unfortunately it happens a lot.
Apparently from an article I read, Robin Williams' was at high risk for suicide because of his age,  and that he suffered from chronic depression and substance abuse. His wife recently admitted that he also had the early signs of Parkinson's Disease. But still you wonder why no one saw it coming and tried to get him the help he needed.
They say he was a comic genius. Genius in human beings can work both ways, it can make you incredibly creative but it is a two-edged sword. It can also make you depressed and cause you to suffer from highs and lows.
According to data, many suicides take place at night. Doctors should insist that depressed people who admit to having suicidal thoughts take a sleeping pill or anti-anxiety medicine which promotes sleep if any negative thoughts come into their mind. Things always look more hopeful in the morning. That should be reinforced over and over again in therapy and counseling.
Just tragic how his life could have ended so bleakly. He was a generous, gifted actor and he had a lot to live for. Life is precious, every life and it's so sad that people are in such pain, that they take their own life.
I'm convinced that people who suffer from depression are targets for the devil. The devil preys on disturbed and confused minds. I know there are people, especially most professionals, who would not agree and think that's ridiculous but I think it's the truth.
May Robin Williams rest in peace and may his family be given the peace and respect they deserve at this time.